Thai Ministry of Foreign Affairs Urges Australia and Bahrain to Hold Talks over Al-Araibi’s Case

2019-02-06 - 9:13 م

Bahrain Mirror (Exclusive): The Thai Ministry of Foreign Affairs issued a press statement yesterday in which it said that Thailand had previously not been aware of Hakeem's case and does not have any prejudice against him.

The ministry said in the statement "Indeed, we would not have become involved in the issue had we not received the red notice alert from the Australian Interpol and the subsequent formal request by Bahrain for his arrest and extradition."

The Thai Ministry of Foreign Affairs stated that the Australian authorities told it several days after the arrival of Hakeem that the red notice had been cancelled. By that time, legal proceedings in Thailand regarding Hakeem had already started and could not be reversed, indicating that this is an internationally recognized principle upheld by all countries, including Australia.

The ministry asked that everyone refrain from prejudging the Court's rulings and prematurely jumping to the conclusion that Thailand will extradite Hakeem back to Bahrain. The Court will consider this case thoroughly and in accordance with the due process of law and the evidence provided, including Bahrain's arrest warrant and court order for Hakeem, who had been convicted under Bahraini laws.

"In their formal request, Bahrain has provided us with all relevant documents. The Office of the Attorney General has considered those documents and found that they meet the legal conditions to be filed to the Court. Thus, the Office of the Attorney General has filed the extradition request with the Court of Justice for the latter's consideration," it added.

The ministry confirmed that the Thai Court is ready to consider all facts and evidence presented to it by Hakeem's lawyers.

Thailand pointed out that it does not gain anything from holding Hakeem in custody. But as a sovereign country that has legal obligations and commitments to the international community, Thailand finds itself in the middle of a case involving two countries competing for Hakeem's custody. Under such circumstances, Thailand has no other legitimate option but to (1) cooperate in accordance with the law and (2) suggest that the two countries, both good friends of Thailand and good friends with one another, talk to each other to sort out their problems and come up with their own solution, instead of trying to find an indirect solution from Thailand, who has only become involved in this case by chance.

The ministry of foreign affairs that it has a legitimate right to urge Australia and Bahrain to talk to each other and find a mutually agreeable solution. No matter what that solution may be, Thailand stands ready to support it in order to achieve a result that is mutually satisfactory (win-win) for all.

Thailand hopes that Australia and Bahrain will have the goodwill to earnestly work together towards finding a win-win solution to this issue.  In that way, we believe that those following this case in Thailand and around the world will praise both Australia and Bahrain for their efforts.

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