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  • Murad Al-Hayiki: Players with Fire, Future of Bahrain and its People

    On July 14, Al-Jazeera channel broadcast a new episode of its investigative program “What's Hidden is Worse” entitled “Players with Fire”, through which it highlighted two issues related to Bahrain. The first is the Bahraini authorities’ narrative that the protesters at the Pearl [Lualua] Roundabout in 2011 were armed, and the second is regarding the supposed cooperation between the Bahraini security authorities and citizens with jihadist ideology who have links with Al-Qaeda.

  • Bu Keshmah: King of Lies

    He is the king of lies. He lied his way to the throne to attain the title of a king, when he polled the citizens about changing the state into a monarchy and promised them better days to come. However, people discovered that they were the worst days ever.

  • Hussein Yousif: About the Inviolable “Self” of the King

    The first direct encounter I had with him was before the inauguration, in 1995/1996, in the presence of the late Minister of Industry Yousuf Al-Shirawi. Hamad bin Isa was the Crown Prince at the time.

  • Abbas Al-Murshid: Why I Didn’t Trust the King?

    After about a year of this bitter image, and particularly on November 22, 2000, the outlines of the “National Action Charter” started to appear as a political project aimed at ending the endeavors of the 1990s constitutional uprising (1994-2001).

  • My Letter to the King of Bahrain: Dia’a Ayyad

    I don’t know what to write. I address you on the twentieth anniversary of your coronation and I am totally surprised at your speech on democracy, freedom, justice, co-existence and similar terms and concepts.