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  • What's the Story behind the Bahrain Electronic Army? Crown Prince's 1st Test as Prime Minister

    In 2019, Abdulaziz Matar, an employee at the Cybercrime Department, posted an article on his Twitter page calling for the creation of an electronic army to defend Bahrain. He listed the advantages of this army, its objectives and how it works, pointing out that its soldiers are available and are only waiting for approval to start working.

  • Full Story of Ibrahim Al-Dosari’s Arrest

    The question is no longer whether a former undersecretary in Prime Minister Khalifa bin Salman's cabinet has been arrested or not, but why he has been arrested now. Has the war to remove the prime minister from his chair, which has lasted more than 40 years, begun?

  • Inflation of Powers Ruling Bahrain: Anti-Cybercrime Directorate

    However, this Directorate now has nothing else to do but pursue opinion-makers and journalists on social media, read their tweets, summon them for interrogation, arrest them, refer them to the Public Prosecution or prosecute them in sham trials. In reality, it is an anti-opinion directorate combating those who express their views on the internet.

  • Bahrain Says It Received 136 Million Spam Emails Tried to Target Ministers in 2016

    Acting Vice Chief Executive in the Information & eGovernment Authority Salman bin Mohammed Al Khalifa said that 180 million emails were received in 2016, 136 million of them carry viruses, adding that there are malicious software that attempted to target some ministries.

  • MoI Warns Internet Users against Virus in Form of Email

    The General Director of Criminal Investigation and Forensic Science warned on Saturday internet users from a virus in a form of an email that hit thousands of organizations around the world. The virus hides data and asks for money to bring them back.