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  • Editorial: Bahrain in December 2022: The Allegiance of Expats and Discontent of Citizens

    It is indeed paradoxical that expatriates in Bahrain celebrate its National Day that marks the king's accession to power, while most citizens celebrate Martyrs' Day.

  • Bu Keshma: It's Only Getting Worse for Bahrainis

    Bahraini citizens, specifically loyalists, wonder: "Why has the so-called National Day become a holiday for all foreign communities in Bahrain where they celebrate and dance in the streets, while the streets are almost devoid of Bahrainis, who have become strangers in their homeland?"

  • Editorial: Meaningless National Day in Bahrain

    The Bahraini king disappointed many citizens who were optimistic after his meeting with senior Shiite cleric Sayed Abdullah Al-Ghuraifi, and his son's meeting with a delegation from the Bahrain Economic Forum headed by economist Taqi Al-Zeera to hand over a petition calling him to start fresh and turn the page of 2011.

  • 2016: US-Bahraini Relations, F-16 Sales Halted (Timeline)

    US halt of arms deal with Bahrain, due to Manama’s deteriorating human rights record, was the highlight of foreign events that came in line with internal Bahraini affairs in 2016.