Baqer Darwish: Every Bahraini Political Prisoner and Victim of HR Violations Has the Right to Compensation

Baqer Darwish
Baqer Darwish

2024-04-28 - 11:15 ص

Bahrain Mirror: Baqer Darwish, chairman of the Bahrain Forum for Human Rights (BFHR), stressed that every Bahraini political prisoner and victim of human rights violations has the right to compensation and redress.

In a television interview, Darwish stated that "the step of releasing prisoners is incomplete because, in terms of rights, there are established points that some stances did not address, such as the issue of compensation and redress."

He explained that "these prisoners were arrested for political reasons, and throughout their detention, their studies were interrupted, whether at highschool or university level," also pointing out "the need for some prisoners to undergo health rehabilitation and have their physical and psychological conditions monitored, which exists in the experiences of all countries undergoing transitional justice."

He further emphasized the need for "the prisoner's record to be free from any negative indication that may affect his progress in applying for employment."

Darwish reminded that "some of the prisoners have lost a lot during the period of imprisonment, and there is a need to compensate them for what they have been subjected to from the time of detention and the violations, such as torture and political trials." He stated that "the prisoner not only has the right to receive compensation for what he has been subjected to from torture, which is his fundamental legal right, but he also has the right to witness the course of justice against the officials in charge and security personnel involved in the violations against him, and those who persecuted him and committed abuses against him."

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