Al-Wefaq on National Charter, Feb 14 Uprising Anniversary: Authorities Bear Historical Responsibility to Lead Nation Out of HR, Political and Economic Collapse

Mass demonstration calling for reform in Bahrain
Mass demonstration calling for reform in Bahrain

2024-02-14 - 1:24 م

Bahrain Mirror: The Al-Wefaq Society urged those in power in Bahrain to "bear the historical responsibility by calling for a general national consensus to mitigate the state of political, economic, and human rights breakdown that has pushed the people and the nation to the brink of collapse."

In a statement marking the 13th anniversary of the eruption of the February 14 Uprising, Al-Wefaq stated that "the anniversary of the National Action Charter and the onset of the popular movement on February 14, 2011, constitute an important milestone for a comprehensive national review of Bahrain's constitutional, political, human rights, and economic situation, especially in light of the deteriorating relationship between the government and the people, and the absence of social security for many social components."

While warning that "Bahrain is experiencing the worst phase in its contemporary history due to the absence of national consensus and the dissolution of the political partnership agreement," the Society pointed out that "all attempts to overcome the escalating and widening crises have failed, and citizens have lost the most important components of trust in the political reality that has witnessed setbacks to pre-independence levels." It emphasized that "one cannot accept or remain silent about this deteriorating reality at all levels."

The statement stressed that it, along with most national forces, elites, figures, civil society, and the Bahraini public, "are in agreement on the necessity of calling, from a purely national standpoint, for the need to seek a genuine roadmap that transcends all stifling stages and successive crises on various levels, by putting the supreme national interest first, presenting it as a national cover to achieve stability, consensus, and work towards Bahrain's betterment."

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