Mother of Detained Child, Qasim Al-Samie: Interior Ministry Targets Our Children, Officer Told Him: As We Brought Your Siblings for Interrogation, I Brought You

Detained child Qasim Jameel Al-Samie
Detained child Qasim Jameel Al-Samie

2024-02-07 - 2:00 م

Bahrain Mirror: The mother of detained child, Qasim Jameel Al-Samie (17), a victim of arbitrary detention, demanded his release, stating that he is innocent of the charges raised against him and calling for implementing the law. This comes after he was presented to the Public Prosecution, and his detention was renewed two weeks for the third time.

Qasim's mother said in a message addressed to the authorities: "I was hopeful that my son would be freed since I was certain of his innocence, but I was struck hard by the news of his detention renewal for two weeks, due to the distressing tone I heard from a child whose only crime is being from the Al-Samie family."

She went on to say that: "There is deliberate monitoring by the Ministry of Interior of our children, as admitted by the officer who told Qasim: ‘As I brought your siblings for interrogation, I've brought you as well.'"

Addressing the authorities, she said: "You claim to be committed to the implementation of the law and justice and to safeguarding the rights of children in Bahrain, so where is the law when it comes to protecting my innocent son Qasim from what he has been accused of?"

While confirming that her son has been in Bahrain throughout the period leading up to his travel and arrest, she questioned: "Why were no summons sent to his home before his departure according to the law if there was anything against him?"

She pointed out that Qasim's family had previously informed the authorities that their son "has a heart condition and cannot exert himself in anything, constantly staying at home, only going out to school and the institute with his siblings."

She explained that: "After losing his brother Abbas Al-Samie, who was unlawfully executed, we realized that the law doesn't exist on the ground, so we left the justice for his blood to God," adding that they're "talking about a child who is fundamentally far removed from what you have accused him of, and his clean record that you have access to is evidence of that. His concern is his education and health, he cannot withstand the trials and pains of prison, torture, fear, and anxiety."

She warned that "this arrest has greatly drained him psychologically and harms his heart, as the doctor advises him to stay away from psychological pressures as much as possible to protect him from recurring heart attacks and to prevent him from exerting any effort."

His mother stressed that, "Every time we close our doors and distance ourselves from everything that burdens our minds and drains our hearts and exhausts our spirits, you, by continuously targeting our children, throw us into the midst of these woes."

Qasim's mother demanded "the rights of humanity, law, and justice" for her son, "freedom for his innocence from all the charges against him," reminding the authorities of what is said about Bahrain that it is "a country of law." "I demand this law. Implement it even once if it has any presence in reality," she stressed.

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