Mother of Detained Youth Maytham Salman Protests Outside CID for His Release, Authorities Threaten Her with Arrest!

Detainee Maytham Mahmoud Ahmad Salman
Detainee Maytham Mahmoud Ahmad Salman

2024-02-06 - 1:33 م

Bahrain Mirror: On Sunday, February 4, 2024, the mother of a young Bahraini, Maytham Mahmoud Ahmad Salman (18), staged a protest in front of the Criminal Investigations Department building demanding the release of her son, who was arrested by the authorities without justification.

Mayham's mother stated in an audio recording that the Nabi Saleh Police Station released her son due to his innocence of the charge of "assaulting a Gulf expatriate." However, the authorities re-arrested him from his home under the pretext of another case against him and refused to release him.

Maythams' mother went on to say: "I went to the ‘Investigations' building where I protested on Sunday while sitting on the pavement in the cold weather while suffering from cancer, and they threatened me that if I did not leave the place, they would arrest me."

She held the authorities responsible for any harm that befalls her and her son, stressing: "I will not leave here until my son is released."

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