Sheikh Sanqour: Why Sunni Endowments Allowed to Build Mosques in Areas Not Inhabited by Sunnis Unlike Jaafari Endowments?

2023-12-10 - 10:59 م

Bahrain Mirror: The Friday preacher at the Imam Al-Sadiq Mosque in Diraz, west of the capital Manama, Sheikh Mohammad Sanqour, said that "If the Zionist enemy knew that the condemnation and denunciation of its crimes had any consequences, it would not have dared to commit these massacres that the rhetoricians are unable to describe."

Sheikh Sanqour stated, in his Friday sermon on December 8, 2023, that "the Zionist enemy continues to persist in its aggression against the oppressed Palestinian people and commits the most heinous and horrific crimes, indifferent to the cries of condemnation and denunciation, because it knows that these are not serious and only formal statements."

Sheikh Sanqour added that "if the Zionist enemy knew that this denunciation and condemnation had consequences, it would have not dared to commit these massacres that the rhetoricians are unable to describe. However, it is confident that those who actually could deter it and offer support to the oppressed people will do nothing except issue such statements, that's why it continues to do so with the utmost cruelty and brutality with no hestitation."

He also drew attention to the fact that "the Zionist enemy does not fear that a blockade would be imposed on it, such as the siege it has imposed on the people of Gaza for nearly two decades, and does not fear the interruption of energy supplies as it has cut off water, medicine and fuel from the people of Gaza, and does not fear isolation," noting that "If it fears anything, it is the struggle of the resisters and their contribution and courage in defending the holy Al-Quds and the Palestinian cause, which it, along with its supporters plan to eliminate."

On a separate note, Sheikh Sanqour spoke about "an increasing phenomenon that has provoked and caught the attention of the general public; that the esteemed Sunni Endowments Department deliberately builds mosques in villages and areas where no non-Shiite citizens reside. In many cases, more than two or three mosques are built in one area, even though there are no Sunni brothers living in that area."

"At the same time, we do not find the esteemed Jaafari Endowments Department building mosques in areas where Shiites do not live, and they protest that there is no justification for building mosques in those areas because there are no Shiites who live there," he said. He went on to say that this argument should also prevent the Sunni Endowments Department from building mosques in areas that are not populated by Sunni citizens.

"If it is said that mosques belong to God, this is true, let them allow Shia citizens to raise the call to prayer from these mosques and allow them to hold congregational prayers there," he highlighted.

Sheikh Sanqour pointed out that "the issue does not stop there, as we also find that the Jaafari Endowments Department does not develop the construction of mosques even in villages and areas inhabited by Shiite citizens, and the people are not allowed to do so either." He pointed out that "when people apply for a permit, not for the construction of a mosque in their areas, but for the restoration of existing mosques, their efforts often fail." He explained that in the limited cases in which they are granted a license, this is done only after a huge effort and a great deal of time that may extend for years, although their request was for renovating the mosque and not building a new one.

Sheikh Sanqour wondered what the error is here, "Is it a dereliction of the Jaafari Endowments Department's duty or does the Jaafari Department not have the same influence as the Sunni Endowments Department?"

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