Is King Hamad Delighted with Screams of Slaughtered People in Gaza?

2023-11-26 - 3:01 ص

Bahrain Mirror (Exclusive): What an embarrassing sight it is to see Bahrain's King Hamad bin Isa Al Khalifa on camera singing songs that glorify him during the opening of an annual animal production exhibition.

The cameras recorded these moments of joy at a time when the Arab and Islamic nation have been living its harshest times, nearly 50 days after the extermination operation carried out by Israel, the king's ally, against the Palestinian people in Gaza.

Perhaps the rapture experienced by the king in his palaces and amongst his entourage made him lose his sense of hearing. The king hasn't been hearing the voices of his people that have turned raspy as they have shouted, demanding him on a daily basis to end normalization with Tel Aviv and expel the Israeli ambassador from Bahrain.

Not only did the king and the entire ruling house showcase how indifferent they are towards the war of extermination waged on Gaza, and make offensive statements against the resistance of the people of Palestine, once through the Crown Prince, and again through the words of the foreign minister, and through the yellow press as well, they also added this celebration to their list of shameless actions.

The government-affiliated media announced the completion of preparations for the celebration of what it called "Bahrain Holidays", which refers to Bahrain National Day to be held in December. A wide range of various artistic, entertainment, sports and cultural events will take place, as we will witness throughout the month programs and celebrations until new year's eve.

Bahrain did not follow the footsteps of its neighbors and brothers in some Arab countries, such as Qatar and the Sultanate of Oman, who announced the cancellation of celebrations of national holidays this year in solidarity with the suffering of the people of Gaza and taking into account the human tragedy there.

The early announcement of the celebrations came signaling the early commencement of the four governorates' decoration of streets, buildings and squares, in preparation for the organization of various festivals and events. Meanwhile, state authorities did not give permission to raise a single picture condemning the Israeli massacres in Gaza.

The Government even went as far as suppressing marches in support of the people of Palestine and arrested participants in these protests.

As for the local media, they celebrated the king's joy and addressed him saying, "The joy of your Majesty is a joy of the homeland", but the truth is that the people of Bahrain are not happy, joyful or festive at all. They are rather suffering from the harshest instances of grief over their people and brothers and sisters in Gaza. The delighted king, in truth, only represents himself.

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