Who is Represented by Crown Prince's Speech?

2023-11-23 - 2:16 م

Bahrain Mirror (Exclusive): Al-Ayyam newspaper, owned by the King of Bahrain's advisor, claimed that the hashtag #SalmanBinHamadSpeechRepresentsMe was the most trending hashtag on the "X" platform in recent days, asserting significant support for Crown Prince Salman bin Hamad Al Khalifa's speech at the opening of the Manama dialogue on the Gaza conflict.

Although the newspaper mentioned widespread support, it remains unclear regarding the scope and regions of this reported backing. However, it is certain that the Crown Prince's speech lacks any substantial support in Bahrain, where the majority of the population stands with their Palestinian counterparts against Israeli occupation.

Bahraini activists and political societies, regardless of their affiliations, have expressed unwavering support for the right to resist Israeli occupation, including through military means. They have voiced their support for Al-Aqsa Flood operation, in which Hamas targeted Israeli military and intelligence centers on Oct 7, 2023, while the Crown Prince's characterization of it was calling it "barbaric."

It is reiteration of Western propaganda, which hasn't been backed by evidence and photographs proving that the resistance killed children and women during the attack, which mainly targeted military installations inside the occupied territories.

While trying to portray a fair man - condemning the killing of what he described as innocent people on both sides - the crown prince was very shy and gentle in his condemnation of the barbaric massacres committed by Zionists in the Gaza Strip. 

Salman bin Hamad said timidly, "Now... Israel... I condemn the military air campaign that killed more than 11,000 people in Gaza, 4,700 of whom are children."

The crown prince did not use the same strong language he used to condemn Palestinian resistance. He didn't describe Israel's massacres of bombing the Baptist Hospital, destroying homes and killing displaced people as "barbaric or horrific attacks."

To him, these massacres, denying access to water, electricity and food, and the bombing of bakeries do not deserve strong condemnations, as the man does not want to anger his Israeli friends, that's why he used milder terms to denounce them.

There is no doubt that this discourse resonates only with the region's boys, such as the entertainment consultant in Saudi Arabia, as well as adventurers in Abu Dhabi who go far in normalizing relations with the Zionist entity.

In Bahrain this speech does not represent anyone. Salman bin Hamad's speech represents him and his family only, and before that his normalization of relations with the occupying entity, as they are stances that do not reflect the sentiments of the people of Bahrain who are committed to their national and Islamic causes. 

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