Sheikh Al-Sadadi: Some Countries Reluctant to Normalize with the Zionists because they Set Sights on their Interests

2023-09-25 - 3:49 م

Bahrain Mirror: The Friday preacher at the Imam Al-Sadiq Mosque in Diraz, west of the capital, Manama, Sheikh Ali Al-Sadadi, said, "We, as the people of Bahrain, say to ourselves that normalization with the Zionist enemy has not affected our reputation," explaining that "the world and the enemy knew that the people of this country reject normalization."

In his Friday sermon on September 22, 2023, Sheikh Al-Sadadi asked: "What has Bahrain gained, like the rest of the countries that normalized with the Zionist enemy, three years after the declaration of normalization with it?"

He continued: "If there are gains that justify persistence and irreversibility, what are their size compared to the losses left by normalization and compared to those that are foreseeable in the short and long term?"

Sheikh Al-Sadadi pointed out that "the trader does not lose sight of the profit and loss element of his trade day by day before it is too late for redress."

He wondered "Isn't it enough not to relentlessly persist in normalization, the reluctance of a number of countries in the region and outside the region to normalize despite the increasing pressure?" He further pointed out that some of these countries "have regional and international influence, and perhaps their reluctance (in normalization) is because they set sights on their interests and the interests of their people."

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