Sayed Al-Ghuraifi: Latest Complications in Building Mosques, Obsequies and Worship Places Worrying

2023-09-25 - 12:52 م

Bahrain Mirror: Scholar Sayed Abdullah Al-Ghuraifi warned that "the complications that have recently emerged in the construction of mosques, obsequies and sites of worship are very worrying and a concerning indicator," pointing out that "many of these worship sites, which have a historical background that dates back hundreds of years, may not have written records." He wondered if this " justifies the end of this history of faith and devotion?"

Al-Ghuraifi went on to say, in his weekly Friday sermon at the Imam Al-Sadiq Mosque in Qufoul, that "since this homeland was honored with belonging to Islam, mosques, edifices of worship, and religious ritual sites have been prominent landmarks and great manifestations of faith," stressing "this bright label remains so that Bahrain remains the manifestation of religion and faith."

He urged that "the homeland be proud of this heritage of devotion and this faith identity rooted in history."

"Setting complicated requirements for the construction of religious edifices, which have a long-time span will confiscate many monuments, which constitute landmarks of identity, landmarks of history and landmarks of belonging," he added.

Sayed Al-Ghuraifi deemed that "there is no problem in setting sound controls that preserve this religious identity of the country," calling for "the establishment of official laws and procedures for preserving this history of faith, spirituality and worship." At the same time, he warned against "any laws and procedures that confiscate the identity of faith and obliterate its great features."

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