Ali Mushaima Warns: My father is at Risk of Health Setback as Authorities Continue to Ignore his Treatment

2023-09-22 - 12:56 م

Bahrain Mirror: Ali Mushaima, son of prisoner of conscience and leader of opposition "Haq" Movement, Hasan Mushaima, held in Jaw Central Prison, said "My father, who is the oldest political prisoner in Bahrain (now over 75 years old), suffers from health problems that worsen with age and the oppressive conditions of his detention," warning that his father "is at risk of a health setback."

Ali Mushaima said in posts via "X" platform" that his father "is under the watchful eyes of those who excel in ignoring, undermining, and deliberately deceiving him. This is all aimed at inflicting severe psychological and physical harm on the prisoner, intending to break his spirit and take revenge against him."

"For over a year now, the authorities have been delaying the GFR kidney test. The doctor has submitted multiple requests since the beginning of the year for this test and others for my father, but as usual, these requests are met with disregard and further delay," he added.

"My father has also been experiencing tremors in his hands, making it difficult for him to do simple tasks like washing his clothes or holding a cup of tea, a problem related to his nerves which requires special attention, especially as the condition has significantly worsened recently."

He went on to say "For years, my father has been suffering from severe coldness in his feet, accompanied by sharp, intermittent needle-like sensations, forcing him to cover his feet with three blankets to alleviate the cold, while feeling hot in the upper part of his body. This problem appears to be related to his fluctuating diabetes."

"Other problems arise regularly and become more complicated with neglect. For years, he has had a hearing problem, and over a month ago, he developed dental issues. For an extended period, approaching two years, he has not undergone important tests such as the CT Scan, which detects cancerous tumors."

Ali Mushaima warned that his father is "at risk of a health setback" and held "the regime, and the governments that cover it, moral and legal responsible for his father's fate."

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