Ayatollah Qassim on Martyrs Sultan and Thamer: There are Great Heroes among Bahrain's People, Only Known after Martyrdom

2023-06-02 - 3:35 م

Bahrain Mirror: Ayatollah Sheikh Isa Qassim highlighted on Thursday (June 1, 2023) that "the people of Bahrain prove their steadfastness everyday by words and action."

Ayatollah Qassim said in a tweet that coincided with the funeral procession of the two martyrs, who were executed at the hands of the Saudi authorities, that "the people of Bahrain who said their eternal word, 'We will only kneel to God', haven't abandon that word."

He added that the "People of Bahrain are not intimidating by their numbers, and they do not have the power of a striking hand, but what they do have is an unrelenting determination and a sacrificing spirit that doesn't end."

Sheikh Isa stressed that there are heroes among the people of Bahrain whose greatness is only known after their martyrdom.

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