Al-Wafaa Party: Jaw Prison Administration Still Procrastinates Providing Health Care to Abdulwahab Hussein

2023-05-05 - 2:50 ص

Bahrain Mirror: The "Al-Wafaa Islamic Party" confirmed that "the Jaw Prison administration is still procrastinating in providing health care to the prisoner of conscience Abdulwahab Hussein, even after a high-ranking officer visited him following the solidarity movement by the detainees."

The party warned, in a statement, of "the seriousness of the authority's practicing of the criminal policy of slow killing with the aim of the assassination and liquidation of leaders," and held the authority "full responsibility for not enabling Abdulwahab Hussein of his right to treatment," considering that this is "a means of physical liquidation."

Al-Wafaa called on the people of Bahrain to "exercise their role in defending their figures," and called on human rights and international institutions to "exercise their role in stopping the authority's deliberate disregard for the prisoners' health."

It is worth mentioning that the detainees in Jaw Central Prison continue their protest to demand the prison's administration to allow Abdulwahab Hussein and the sick detainees to receive treatment. 

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