Jaw Prison Administration Seeks Sheikh Hasan Isa's Help to End Protest of Political Prisoners

2023-04-11 - 10:34 م

Bahrain Mirror: Jaw Prison administration sought the help of former Al-Wefaq MP, prisoner of conscience Sheikh Hasan Isa, to convince political prisoners protesting against stopping their calls with their families to end their protest and return to their cells.

Head of monitoring department at "Salam Organization for Democracy and Human Rights" Ibtisam Al-Saegh said via her Instagram account that Sheikh Isa spoke to the prisoners who were protesting in the corridors of Building 6, and convinced them to stop their protest and enter their cells, after promises from the prison administration to improve their conditions and meet their demands.

The prison administration sought the help of Sheikh Isa 33 days after the political prisoners' protest in Jaw Prison and the failure of its administration and official institutions to convince them to end their protest.

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