Party Worth Millions to Celebrate Nasser’s Victory in World Endurance Championship

2023-03-30 - 1:39 ص

Bahrain Mirror (Exclusive): A multi-million party was held at the National Action Charter building based on the king’s order to honor his son Nasser bin Hamad for winning the World Endurance Championship on February 26.

The crown prince attended without his children, accompanied by his brothers Nasser and his children, as well as Khalid bin Hamad with his two sons. The rest of the king’s sons were absent from the scene.

The main stage was dedicated to the King’s sons and senior ruling family members, led by the Minister of the Royal Court, Mohammed bin Mubarak Al Khalifa, the Minister of Interior, head of Shura Council and Speaker of the House of Representatives.

All the ministers, the whole government was present. It seems that none of the ministers were in their offices yesterday, perhaps everyone was busy shaving and picking out their suits and learning the protocol arrangements for the ceremony. The last two chairs on the main stage were left for Jihad Al-Fadhel, and his Shura colleague Jamal Fakhro, who less than a week ago tried hard to deny the torture of activist Abdulhadi Al-Khawaja at the hands of the security services, giving a false public testimony in favor of the authorities that gave him the last seat at this ceremony.  

On both sides, two extended platforms were reserved for invited personalities from all sectors of the State.

The ceremony began with the military band playing the royal anthem, then the recitation of verses from the Holy Quran by the Imam of Al-Fateh Mosque Ali Salah Omar, who chose verses that suit Nasser’s victory in the horse tournament, “He has created horses for you to ride”.

The Imam of Al-Fateh Mosque read the verses: “He created the cattle. They are a source of clothing and food and also a variety of other benefits for you. And you find beauty in them as you drive them to pasture in the morning and as you drive them back home in the evening; and they carry your loads to many a place which you would be unable to reach without much hardship. Surely your Lord is Intensely Loving, Most Merciful. And He created horses and mules and asses for you to ride, and also for your adornment. And He creates many things (for you) that you do not even know about. It rests with Allah alone to show you the Right Way, even when there are many crooked ways. Had He so willed, He would have (perforce) guided you all alright.”

Immediately after reading verses from the holy Qur’an, presenter and actress Nisreen Surouri came in full adornment, wearing a dress open from the bottom to below the knee, and open at the top at the shoulders. She wore diamond necklaces, bracelets and oversized rings, long diamond earrings dangled from her ears. Surouri welcomed the Crown Prince and the attendees. This was followed by Khalid bin Hamad coming down from the stage amid a special musical performance to deliver a speech glorifying the victory of his brother, who he described as “the leader of youths and sports in the country”. He also described him as “the knight of the field and our role model in giving”, and concluded his speech by saying, “With Nasser bin Hamad, we raise our heads high.” 

After the speech, Nisreen Surouri returned to pile on more praise, referring to the Crown Prince with words of glorification, then the ceremony began with the visual and audio effects. A recording of the King’s voice praising his son Nasser earlier was played saying, “Thanks and gratitude to our dear son, His Highness Nasser bin Hamad, the first sponsor of the development of sports affairs in the Kingdom of Bahrain.”

Then, poet Abdulrahman Al-Midfa’a, director of news at Bahrain TV, recited a poem, “In the name of the pride of the Arabs, Nasser”, a long poem applauding the prince while footage was being shown of Nasser bin Hamad racing with his father, and a recording of some of the King’s words.

The poem talks about Nasser bin Hamad’s legacy with his father, of chivalry and military prowess, and about a prosperous intellectual vision.

Al-Midfa’a exaggerated in praise until he said that Nasser “achieved glories day and night.”

Drones drew pictures of the king, the crown prince, and Nasser bin Hamad in the sky.

Then the honor guard entered with a special epic playing, the twins Hamad and Mohammed, sons of Nasser bin Hamad, came carrying a cup, and his daughter Shaimaa entered with her younger brother holding another cup which their father won. The children stood in the middle of the stage to greet their father, surrounded by the royal honor guard, who were present for this shot only. 

This was followed by a song praising Nasser. It was performed by Ahmad Al-Harami, Nizar Abdullah and Rashid Hanzal. The song was written by Younis Salman Al-Gais, director of Bahrain Radio.

Rashid Hanzal then sang alone “The Song of the World Champion” written by poet Mohammed bin Jakhir, a poet who entertains the king on his private trips as well as hunting trips.

The singers used young girls to dance to the song, which was concluded with the sounds of horses. 

On behalf of the king, the crown prince honored his brother Nasser, who was awarded the Order of Ahmed Al-Fateh, and the crown prince awarded the members of Nasser’s horse team with medals of efficiency. 

Poet Khaled Al Midfa’a (TV News Director), poet Younis Salman (Radio Director), and the three singers were also honored.

Then it was time for the fireworks, which painted multiple pictures, and before the crown prince left the ceremony, a group photo was taken with those who were awarded the medals. 

The ceremony was organized by Pico International, the same company that organized the opening and closing ceremony of the 25th edition of the Gulf Cup “Gulf 25” held in Basra, Iraq. This company uses international directors to produce huge concerts of this sort, such as German director Andree Verleger.

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