Abdulwahab Hussein Calls for Dedicating Day to Prisoners to be Commemorated Annually

2023-03-20 - 3:17 م

Bahrain Mirror: Spokesman of the "Islamic Loyalty Movement" Abdulwahab Hussein, held in Jaw Central Prison, demanded to dedicate a day for prisoners called "Prisoner's Day" to be commemorated annually and to have a web page through which they talk about their cause and news.

Hussein said in a statement he issued from his prison on Friday (March 7, 2023) "The prisoners, who are the symbol of our pride and dignity, and the embodiment of our determination, glory and treasure, call for dedicating a day to prisoner that we would commemorate every year, and creating for the prisoners a web page that represents them, covers their news, includes everything related to them and their affairs, and shows the history of prisons and the suffering of prisoners."

Hussein stressed that "both of the demands are legitimate and deserve to be seriously considered," adding that "the issue is important and useful. Prisoners deserve all our attention and support."

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