A Ruling Prince who Doesn't Rule: Will Prince Salman and Nasser's Rivalry Mirror that of the Late Prince and his Brother Khalifa

2023-03-11 - 1:11 م

Bahrain Mirror (Exclusive): Less than 24 hours after being officially received by his father, his brother the crown prince and senior family members, Nasser bin Hamad began to impose his leadership more and more.

He is a leader in the making, who until now has positions that allow him to control the oil resources, the country's military and its security. He has won his father's favor and great support. Being referred to as "the hero" by his father is sufficient validation for him.

After winning the championship and arriving in the country with an official reception in which a red carpet was put out for him, Nasser bin Hamad issued a decision yesterday appointing Ayman Al-Moayyed as Chairman of the Board of Directors of the Arab Shipbuilding and Repair Yard Company "ASRY"; one of the most significant companies in the country. This decision reflects the actual broad capacity of Nasser's influence and powers.

As head of the Royal Guard, Nasser met with the Guard's search and rescue team, which had just returned from Turkey after participating in search and rescue operations. Nasser stood in the middle of one of the camps and delivered a stirring speech praising the search team. The cameras focused on him, capturing his image as an "inspiring" leader surrounded by the team members deliberately scattered around him.

The most important event was held in one of the huge halls of the Royal Guard, where the ranks of officers, trainers and soldiers of the Royal Guard were lined up, some with clear European features, and others with Asian features, Pakistani in particular.

Despite the presence of a podium and microphone in the hall, Nasser opted to ascend to the upper balcony. From there, he could see the necks of officers and soldiers craned upwards towards him. The deliberate staging of this scene conveyed a sense of amplified authority and elevated status.

In his speech as a military leader, Nasser referred to the officers and soldiers as his brothers and emphasized his sense of camaraderie with them. However, he also positioned himself above them by speaking from a height, using this visual cue to assert his authority. He claimed in his speech that he spent half of his life serving the king, the homeland, religion and the Arabism of the region. However, the truth is that he spent half his life entertaining himself on horseback and McLaren bikes, in gymnasiums, and also purchasing poems.

Nasser bin Hamad's rise to power is the result of a carefully orchestrated governance project. A team works tirelessly behind the scenes to prepare and guide him towards the highest office possible. This team includes his father, who plays a key role in shaping his son's political trajectory, as well as his Emirati in-laws and tribal currents within the military institution, such as the Al-Ajman tribe, to which his mother belongs.

Nasser is pursuing his ambitions with great determination, having charted a clear roadmap for himself. His forceful approach suggests that anything is possible for him.

In contrast, his brothers Khalid and Abdullah have lost their way and appear to be following in their more successful siblings' footsteps. Abdullah has aligned himself with Salman, while Khalid has chosen to follow Nasser's lead.

As Nasser's ambitious drive continues unabated, many wonder where his trajectory will lead him. Could he become like Khalifa bin Salman, who wielded immense power in the country despite his brother, Isa bin Salman, holding the title of prince at the time? The future remains uncertain, but Nasser's strategic positioning suggests that he could indeed reach great heights of power and influence.

In the country, the question on everyone's mind is whether Salman bin Hamad or Nasser bin Hamad will cast a longer shadow, and what the king will ultimately decide regarding this duality.

Those who hold positions or harbor ambitions within the ruling family are left to wonder about their own fate and whether they can withstand the force of Nasser's ambition. It remains to be seen whether anyone will have the courage to stand up to him and challenge his rising power within the hierarchy.

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