Old Habits Die Hard: Arrest Campaigns in Bahrain One Day Before IPU Session

2023-03-09 - 8:22 م

Bahrain Mirror (Exclusive): It is said that old habits die hard and no matter how much the wolf exaggerates showing friendliness, its brutality will be exposed. One day away from hosting the meetings of the Inter-Parliamentary Union, the authorities in Bahrain are launching new arrest campaigns against activists on social media, among whom lawyer Ibrahim Al-Mannai is known so far, as well as the owner of the "Bahrani_Life" page on Instagram. 

After the government hosted a round of Formula 1 races, then the meetings of former Presidents of the United Nations General Assembly, and soon to host the meetings of the Inter-Parliamentary Union session, the Bahraini opposition does not need to exert any pressure in order to reveal the true face of the authorities that spend millions upon millions to polish their image, and pay bribes here and there to those who sing their praises them.

On the day of the Formula One race, last Sunday, four activists, including two women, were arrested, and a day after the king received the delegation of former presidents of the United Nations General Assembly, the Interior Ministry arrested lawyer Ibrahim Al-Mannai, who is active on social media and has made a number of comments on issues related to public affairs, especially the failed parliamentary experience in Bahrain.

Lawyer Abdullah Hashem announced late Wednesday evening, March 8, 2023, the arrest of Al-Mannai after he was summoned by the Anti-cybercrime Department, which was established specifically to tighten their grip on citizens and pursue them on electronic platforms, even across mobile chat groups.

For its part, the Interior Ministry announced the arrest of 4 people over charges of posting against civil peace via social media outlets; a broad charge by which voices critical of government policies are targeted.

The authorities also arrested Mohammed Mirza Ali Abu Hassan after summoning him for interrogation at Hamad Town Police Station, Roundabout 17. The prosecution decided to detain him until March 19.

Meanwhile, the Ministry of Interior forces arrested Mr. Mustafa Al-Sayed Mohammed, from the southern Al-Sehla area.

Haj Majeed Somoud was summoned Thursday morning to appear before the Public Prosecution.

The authorities' repressive practices continue amid a 12-year political crisis, and the presence of hundreds, including 3 former parliamentarians, one of whom is opposition leader Sheikh Ali Salman, behind bars on politically motivated charges.

IPU participants should know that this is a small part of the daily repression of Bahraini voices and the authorities' confiscation of their political and human rights.

Therefore, this message must be reiterated to IPU President Duarte Pacheco and all parliamentary delegates from all countries: "We urge you to ensure that the Bahraini authorities do not use the 146th IPU General Assembly to whitewash their dire human rights record." 

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