23 Political and Civil Societies Demand Gov't to Cancel Normalizing Conference with Zionists

2023-03-06 - 2:29 م

Bahrain Mirror: 23 political and civil society organizations affiliated with the "Bahraini National Initiative against Normalization with the Zionist Enemy" called on the Government of Bahrain to "cancel the normalizing "Connect to Innovate" conference with the Zionists, and not to involve education and youths in normalization, in a new step on the road to normalization with the Zionist enemy."

In a joint statement, the 23 societies noted that "the Bahrain Economic Development Board and the Ministry of Industry and Commerce are willing to hold a conference in Bahrain from 13 to 15 March 2023 under the title "Connect to Innovate", in cooperation with one of the Zionist institutions, called "Start-Up Nation Central" in order to create normal commercial and economic relations with Zionist companies with glamorous but flimsy and fictitious titles."

The societies "categorically rejected this dangerous slip towards normalizing relations with the Zionist enemy and handing over the national economy, the education sector and youths to the Zionist entity and its destructive institutions," explaining that "fabricated economic, commercial and educational titles are being proposed just to camouflage, as is the case with the "World Jewish Congress" which was inserted into the educational process."

The societies called on the government of Bahrain to "stop the destructive normalization approach with the Zionist enemy and cancel this conference, as well as stop dealing with it in the education, youths and other sectors," stressing that "normalization has no benefit, but rather damages the national economy as well the Bahraini society with all its components, which reject normalization with the neo-Nazis, the enemies of humanity, the occupying Zionists."

They also called on private sector companies and institutions and the Bahrain Chamber of Commerce and Industry to "refuse to participate in such conferences that neglect the central issue of the nation, which is the Palestinian cause," and called on Bahrainis to "continue to resist normalization with the Zionist enemy and oppose it by being careful not to allow the intrusion of its goods and commodities into local markets."

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