Sayed Al-Ghuraifi Calls for Preparing Atmosphere in Homeland for Dialogue and Reform

2023-02-28 - 5:33 م

Bahrain Mirror: Prominent Shiite cleric Sayed Abdullah Al-Ghuraifi expressed in a speech that "When intentions are true, convictions become closer, wills collaborate, words become open, [good] climates are created, dialogues are established, and options are wisely chosen, for the homeland remains a homeland of love, righteousness and reform." He called for making the homeland free of suffering and oppression.

Sayed Al-Gharaifi said, in a sermon delivered during an event celebrating the birth of Imam Al-Sajjad (PBUH), in Sanabis: "We want goodness, security, peace, affection, harmony and rapprochement for this country and we want it to have its problems and crises solved, and to be free from all pain, worries and suffering."

"We want this country to be without misery, free of oppressed or disadvantaged people, prisoners, as well as deported or expelled citizens," he added.

He went on to say that: "As we are near the holy month, we wish this country all the best, bliss, happiness, love, harmony, tolerance, reassurance, prosperity and stability, and we hope to find the homeland without crises," stressing that "the homeland is precious and deserves all blessings as long as this it is for good, reform, security and stability."

He drew attention to the fact that "all of this is not difficult at all when intentions are true, convictions are drawn closer, wills collaborate, words are open, [good] climates are created, dialogues are established, and options are well chosen. In this way, the homeland remains big, lofty and secure, and it remains a homeland of love, goodness, righteousness, reform; a homeland of pride and dignity."

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