Ayatollah Qassim: Feb. 14 to Renew Pledge to Change Dark Reality

2023-02-14 - 11:20 م

Bahrain Mirror: Ayatollah Sheikh Isa Qassim marks the anniversary of February 14  with renewing the pledge to change the dark reality in Bahrain, stressing that the movement is ongoing and will not stop.

Qassim said in a speech on the eve of the February 14 uprising anniversary that "there is no consideration for the people's opinion at the level of the three authorities, the opinion is reserved for one individual only; it is for the 2002 constitution which appointed this one individual."

He said that the government in Bahrain may deviate from the 2002 Constitution articles and decisions for the urgent wants of those who oversee it, however, the people's will remains useless and void in the eyes of the government. There is no place for the people's will in determining their fate and the fate of their homeland.

"There is an unjust and failed economic policy in Bahrain, but its failure is deliberate and planned by the government," he highlighted, adding, "There is a torn social policy in Bahrain based on sectarianism that protects the security of the regime."

"There is created unemployment, as a group of people is destined not to find work opportunities."

Regarding the policy of normalization with the Israeli entity, Qassim said, "The new religious banner is the Abrahamic religion, which is being used to eliminate religion. It is tempting or deceptive, but what is behind it is the intent to overthrow Islam."

Sheikh Qassim went on to say that "Normalization comes with all its aspects. It is being demonstrated by selling out and through a civilizational transformation made to serve Israel and America," stressing that "the purpose of normalization in the eyes of the Israelis and Americans is to dissolve the Islamic situation in Islamic society, Westernize Islamic society, as well as create a civilizational shift from Islam to the Western non-Islamic civilization."

Qassim said, "In Bahrain, aggression against Islam is being protected. For example, a number of Bahrainis went out to protest against the burning of the Qur'an and were faced with the claim that their protest is illegal.

"Bahrain adopts a policy of permanent abuse and violence, and the demonization of the people by the government comes as a justification for the continued abuse and violence. Where are the many conspiratorial cells? Where are the many weapon payments flowing into Bahrain reported by the state media yet of which we find no actual trace? Demonizing the people comes on the basis that they are working with foreigners to overthrow the government of Bahrain."

Qassim saw that the government is using this to justify its policies against those demanding legitimate rights, noting that "abuse and violence need a justification and the government justifies them by the alleged threat on the homeland from a group of people whose mission is to conspire against this country and government."

Qassim criticized the conditions in prisons, stressing that there are prisons of a special type in Bahrain where brutal acts of torture and aggression are practiced, and there are prisons that contain many thousands of Bahrain's sons and men, whom the country depend on.

"In Bahrain, great minds, principled souls, righteous men and capable leaders are imprisoned. This is in Bahrain and the only reason for this is because they are calling for the right of the people."

Sheikh Isa further stated that there are children in Bahraini prisons who had enough of the unjust situation and went out to denounce the situation and were imprisoned as a result.

"In Bahrain, there is a threatened group of people. People experienced long nights in Bahrain where none of them felt safe at home. None felt safe of false accusations. This all takes place in Bahrain."

"There is a national loyalty test in Bahrain, why? To assure loyalty to the Zionists and Israelis."

"They judge you as disloyal to your homeland, and as an enemy of the government, on what basis? Because you did not respond to something that requires you to enter the normalization process, bless normalization, and engage in the issue of normalization."

With respect to the opposition's work towards bringing views closer, Qassim said, "Thanks to the opposition for the initiative, rapprochement, understanding and joint work to serve the cause of the people."

Qassim hoped that positive initiatives would develop on this path so that their contribution would be sustained. 

"February 14 comes to renew the pledge to change the dark situation. This day is to recharge motivation, intensify will, multiply determination, unify ranks, remedy shortcomings and fill gaps," he said.

He said that planning needs a principled pillar, and there is nothing more honorable than the Islamic principle, and there is nothing more honorable than Islam. There is nothing more successful than Islam, nothing more capable of motivating than Islam, and nothing more effective than Islam.

"I used to wonder during the days of the people's intensified determination and intensified conflict: When will we win? What do you think? Is it coming soon? I used to say victory is close and will happen, but it needs a path. I still say victory will be achieved but it needs a longer path."

"The path to victory is open to the people and their opposition, but only if we improve the goal, do what we can, increase understanding and consultation and plan calmly."

"I say to you, dear brothers, build on the fact that victory, if God Almighty wills, may be near and closer than in the past: are you patient or not? Do you accept or do you not? The government will not give the people what they want and they will not gain anything without giving what they can."

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