First Conference for Dissidents Abroad: Supporting Opposition Unity, Rejecting Limiting Bahrain's Political Cause to HR Issues

2023-02-08 - 2:22 م

Bahrain Mirror: The first conference for dissidents and activists in Europe, Australia and America was held under the slogan "Will, Action, Change", on February 4 and 5, 2023, coinciding with the 12th anniversary of the start of the "February 14 Revolution", with the participation of a group of Bahraini intellectuals, politicians, activists and religious men.

Participants discussed ways to promote and expand opposition work abroad and develop mechanisms for communication between dissidents to present projects and ideas. 

The final statement stressed that "the issue in Bahrain is political" and rejected "limiting it to the human rights aspect and living issues," and also rejected "all platforms of sectarian strife."

The conference announced "support for national unity efforts among opposition factions of various ideological and political orientations, and supporting detainees and families of martyrs by available means."

The conference denounced "the policies of countries that support the tyrannical dictatorial regime in Bahrain, cover up its crimes and prevent democratic transition in the country," calling on civil society organizations in these countries to "take positions that pressure their governments to stop their shameful support for tyranny."

The conference expressed solidarity with the Palestinian cause and rejected normalization with the Zionist entity, considering it a regional and key issue within the cause of the struggle against tyranny.

 The conference also rejected "the dangerous Judaization projects organized by the regime in cooperation with the Zionist entity," calling on the people to "reject the temptations and material incentives to sell their property to the Zionists."

It praised the martyrs and their patient families, stressing on standing against impunity policy in Bahrain and adhering to the prosecution of all those involved in violations.

The conference also praised the political prisoners, especially the figures, for their steadfastness and struggle.

The final statement approved the transformation of the conference into an annual conference and the appointment of a special committee to follow up on its decisions and organize the next conference. It also approved the formation of a committee to develop a practical mechanism for communication between activists and dissidents in various capitals, and to present projects and ideas. 

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