Absent Employee and Lazy MP Ali Al-Nuaimi Receives 2000 Votes in Elections

2022-11-19 - 11:46 ص

Bahrain Mirror (Exclusive): How did Ali Al-Nuaimi win in the first round of elections, noting that he is one of the MPs who were the least present and active in parliament sessions? Al-Nuaimi did not accomplish anything during the past four years that would put him in a good light and did not even announce an electoral program this year.

Ali Al-Nuaimi did not use anything remarkable to promote himself, even his Twitter page is inactive, which was not even used to highlight him as a candidate during the elections. 

The lazy MP was a lazy employee, who didn't show up at work and received his full pay. The MP has not changed and will not change. He entered the council silently as part of a consolation for his family and returned to the council to be silent. 

Who is Al-Nuaimi? And how did he come back? What is the story of the vote leverage he received from outside Bahrain?

Ali Majid Al-Nuaimi is the son of Minister of Education Majid Al-Nuaimi. He entered the Council in 2018 promoting the slogan of, "A homeland for all", a slogan that should be considered a form of war against his father, who deprives a segment of people of their right to scholarships, employment and promotion, but of course nothing happened. 

Al-Nuaimi arrived with this slogan but did not raise a single parliamentary question that fulfills such a statement, did not interfere in any discussion about depriving Bahrainis of work in exchange for employing foreigners, and had no stance regarding imposing taxes and deducting wages and allowances.

Al-Nuaimi signed on all the royal decrees that approved VAT increase, the amendment of the retirement law, suspension of the retirees' allowance, and other royal decrees that disrupt people's livelihoods. His only mission was to press the "agree" button.

However, to be fair, the man was at least attending the sessions, and this is a major advance in his career, and perhaps he will progress further and open his mouth to say something in this legislative term, as he had been absent from work for many months before that.

The NAO report cited one of Al-Nuaimi's "achievements" when it revealed that he was absent from work in 2015 when he was working for the National Institute for Human Rights (NIHR) yet received his full salaries. 

Regarding administrative and financial violations in the institute at the time, the report stated that one of the employees missed 7 full months of work, and received pay for these months amounting to 17,542 dinars. 

Yes, Al-Nuaimi used to be paid 2,500 dinars per month for not attending work, so how can such a person exercise a supervisory role over the government's administrative and financial corruption!

The government has chosen him again to be an MP by directing the votes of the naturalized as well as military personnel.

Al-Nuaimi won the first round after receiving 1,965 votes from outside Bahrain and general polling stations, only because he is the son of a minister who is close to the king and is his military colleague, Majid Al-Nuaimi, who has held the post for 20 years. 

Who gave him these votes and are voters really impressed with the silent MP model he has demonstrated!

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