94,000 Voters Deleted from Voters' Lists: Salam DHR

2022-11-10 - 3:49 م

Bahrain Mirror: Salam for Democracy and Human Rights said it had monitored the deletion of some 94,000 voters from the voters' lists, noting that Bahrain's legislative elections lack transparency. 

Jawad Fairooz, head of Salam for Democracy and Human Rights, said during the human rights conference "Bahrain: Elections without Integrity" that the criterion for democracy is to enshrine the peaceful transfer of power and this is not available in the Bahraini elections

Ibrahim Serhan, legal counselor and member of the organization, said that the number of deleted voters represents more than 27% of the voting bloc, considering this a denial of citizens' rights to vote and elect.

Serhan pointed out during the press conference, held in Beirut, that the non-neutralization of army members affects the integrity of the process, pointing out that Salam monitored the presence of more than 59,000 soldiers and members of the security services. 

He also pointed out that the High Commission for the Supervision of Elections is a non-independent committee, which is formed by the Minister of Justice.

Head of Bahrain Forum for Human Rights, Baqer Darwish, stated that the nominal parliament, which has no powers, is one of the manifestations of the constitutional crisis exploited by the authority, contrary to the popular will and international conventions.

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