A Word of Truth about the Pope of the Vatican

2022-11-08 - 7:35 م

Bahrain Mirror (Exclusive): The pontiff of the Catholic Church, the master of the Vatican, Pope Francis, left Bahrain on Sunday from the airport of Sakhir Air Base, but he entered its history forever.

He left the country after a four-day visit hosted by the authorities in Bahrain, but one can say, for honesty and history, he did not stain his papal robe with the sins of the King of Bahrain and his regime. He was a dignified guest who gave honest advice. His words in public were as those he spoke in private.

In public, he called for the restoration of the regime's commitment to constitutional foundations, raising his voice in support of promoting equal rights and ensuring respect and attention to all those who fell on the margins of society as prisoners, demanding the abolition of the death penalty and guarantee of basic human rights for all citizens. This was announced in public. 

In private, he spoke with Bahrain's King Hamad bin Isa Al Khalifa, as well as his son, Crown Prince and Prime Minister, Salman bin Hamad, separately, about the need to turn the page on the 2011 crisis. 

Pope Francis has discussed with Bahrain's Crown Prince and Prime Minister the events of 2011, and the subsequent measures taken by the regime, calling for exerting further practical efforts to turn the page of 2011 and overcome its entire political, human rights and security repercussions. 

The Pope has also stressed the need for all Bahrainis to enjoy security, tranquility and a decent life alike. He has affirmed the need to stop sectarian discrimination and achieve justice and equity at all levels, speaking in details about political prisoners, exiles and death row detainees, and demanded too that these files be resolved in a way that guarantees security and peace of mind for all citizens.

This is in addition to the Pope's direct talk with Bahrain's King on the ongoing crisis between the government and the people, in which he was frank and explicit. 

What the Pope has done is a noble act carried out only by those with great souls. The Pope did not look at the difference of his belief with the oppressed in this country, nor did he see this visit as an opportunity for spoils as some of the invitees did. He rather lived up to his historical responsibility as a great Christian authority, he said his piece with kindness and left without leaving the memory of Bahrainis, who will continue to appreciate his noble humanitarian attitude, even if the regime does not heed such advice.

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