On Int'l Day of Democracy: Al-Wefaq Says Bahraini Authorities Prevent Tens of Thousands from Participating in Elections

2022-09-16 - 2:42 م

Bahrain Mirror: Al-Wefaq National Islamic Society said that the Bahraini authorities prevented citizens from political participation, noting that the country returned to the worst political reality since before independence.

The society said in a statement on the International Day of Democracy, on September 15th, that the authorities have disrupted all state institutions and the Constitution, adding that they are rapidly working to eliminate any indicator of democracy, freedom and justice.

Al-Wefaq noted that Bahrain has never witnessed such the current marginalization of citizens by finishing off the electoral process and transforming it into an amputated and distorted process, depriving tens of thousands of participation, reducing the powers of the Council, and creating obstacles to the legislative work, through the appointment of the National Council by the regime, and setting obstacles that make the work of legislation and oversight impossible.

The society continued: The Economist's Democracy Index has ranked Bahrain among the 5 worst countries in the world considering it an authoritarian state.

"In reality, the International Day of Democracy passes this year as Bahrain's prisons are overcrowded with prisoners of conscience, independent newspapers and political societies are shut and prohibited from working, peaceful demonstrations are prohibited, expression of opinion is prohibited, religious freedoms are confiscated, human rights activism is threatened, and the only language is repression and violence against the opposition," Al-Wefaq stated.

It added "Verily, this dire political reality has crossed all borders. Citizens have become marginalized and deprived of their most basic natural rights, such as participation and expression. They have lost security and stability. The international community also seems unable to play any role that contributes to the return of freedoms, justice and democracy and building a state of equal citizenship."

Al-Wefaq reiterated that Bahrainis are paying from their lives, security, safety and livelihood because they are demanding  justice, democracy, pluralism, freedom, stability and political participation, stressing that they will continue to peacefully demand their just rights for the good of their homeland, stability of its citizens, and development of their political, economic and social reality.

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