Academic Nader Kadhim Released a Week After his Arrest

Nader Kadhim
Nader Kadhim

2022-07-28 - 7:47 م

Bahrain Mirror: The Bahraini security authorities released prominent academic Dr. Nader Kadhim on Wednesday (July 27, 2022) a week after his arrest, while the reasons behind his detention remained unknown.

Activists close to Kadhim's family said that he arrived at his home accompanied by his family after he was arrested on Thursday (July 20, 2022) and taken to Dry Dock Prison, where it was decided to detain him for a week pending interrogation.

Kadhim's arrest coincided with the dismissal of the head of the Culture Authority, Sheikha Mai bint Mohammed Al Khalifa, and news circulated of his dismissal from his position as a professor at the University of Bahrain.

It is noteworthy that the Public Prosecution ignored commenting on Kadhim's case, which became the talk of Bahraini society in the past two days, and did not issue any statement regarding his case and the nature of the charges over which he was arrested.


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