Leaked Documents Show MoI Restriction on Shiite Sect during Ashura Commemoration

2022-07-26 - 3:22 م

Bahrain Mirror: "Naizak" Instagram account posted on Sunday (July 24, 2022) a leaked document from Bahrain's Interior Ministry showing how the authorities in the country besiege the religious discourse during Ashura.

The document bearing MOI-SECT-0156-7 serial code shows a table containing the "irregularities" committed by obsequies, eulogy reciters and preachers during the month of Muharram 1440/2018 over which a number of them were summoned to police stations for investigation or arrest. 

For example, the table shows that prominent preacher Sheikh Hassan Al-Aa'li committed no violation, but he was among those summoned to Al-Moared police station and was warned to abide by the religious affairs in his sermons. Besides, a eulogy reciter and a supervisor of one of the obsequies were summoned and forced to pledge to abide by the law. 

The document shows the extent of crackdown practiced by the Bahraini security authorities against the Shiite community while presenting itself as a leading state in peaceful coexistence and respect for religious freedoms.

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