Campaign on Twitter Demanding Release of Bahraini Opposition Leader

2022-07-22 - 2:06 م

Bahrain Mirror: Sheikh Ali Salman's hashtag on twitter was met with an overwhelming response, where hundreds of tweets were posted calling for the release of Bahrain's opposition leader.

The tweeters posted video clips of Al-Wefaq Secretary-General calling for reform and justice, stressing that his adherence to just popular demands was the real reason for his arrest.

Al-Wefaq Deputy Secretary-General Sheikh Hussein Al-Daihi said that the arrest of Sheikh Ali Salman and his 29-year prison sentence revealed the corruption and lack of independence of the judicial system and that it is a "false justice" as stated by international organizations. He further stated that the doors of prisons are open for political revenge even after a while.

Former Wa'ad Society Secretary-General Radhi Al-Mousawi said Sheikh Ali Salman and his companions are in prison for the sake of Bahrain, which deserves a better life and reality.

He added that Bahrain "deserves a security and political breakthrough that will result in the release of prisoners, a breakthrough that brings the glow back to our country and the smile to our people."

Meanwhile, Al-Wefaq member Ibrahim Al-Drazi said "His Eminence Sheikh Ali Salman is a uniting figure who always stresses on national unity," continuing, "We affirm that the charges are not credible according to the available data (...) He, along with all prisoners, should be released so that our country can enjoy love and we can achieve national reconciliation."

Baqer Darwish, president of Bahrain Forum for Human Rights, said the country needs his wisdom, courage, toughness and tolerance.

Ahmed Al-Wadaei, director of the Bahrain Institute for Rights and Democracy, stated "the demand for Sheikh Ali Salman's release has never been a popular demand only, but an international and unanimous demand in international organizations, the United Nations and long-standing parliaments. Every moment he spends in prison is a stain to his jailers."

For his part, former Al-Wefaq MP Abduljalil Khalil wrote "Throughout the period I befriended him, I only found him to be sincere in his work and honest. He was occupied night and day with the homeland and the concerns of the country, reform and stability."

Majeed Milad, former president of the Manama Capital Municipal Council, saw that the solution for the crisis Bahrain is witnessing begins with the release of #Sheikh Ali Salman, commenting, "at that time we really know the sincerity and depth of reform." 

Tweeter Ali Al-Hadi said the intransigence in Sheikh Ali Salman arrest confirms that there is no intention to reform and resolve the political crisis in Bahrain, pointing out that the decision is in the hands of people who are taking advantage of the continued marginalization of the people and the absence of their voice and just demands.

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