After Washington's Recent Visit, Bahrain Turns into Base for Israeli Aircraft

2022-07-21 - 7:35 م

Bahrain Mirror (Exclusive): There is a process being carried out by Israelis to use the regime. Two weeks ago, Bahraini Interior Minister Rashid bin Abdullah Al Khalifa traveled to Washington to meet with US officials and signed agreements, including one regarding drone systems.

Last week, the Israeli Defense Minister contacted the Commander of the Bahraini Army, and then a Bahraini official appeared last week on Tuesday and announced that the Israeli entity agreed to provide Bahrain with drones and anti-aircraft systems, revealing that "Manama has been working with the Israeli security services to train their intelligence officers."

Bahrainis must pay attention to the dangerous realities that result from this news, as the country has been turned into a platform of war. No one should believe that a country like the United States is signing a drones agreement with Bahrain, which has never been threatened by drones from any party in the region. No one should also believe that the Zionist entity will provide Bahrain with drones and anti-aircraft systems. The truth is exactly elsewhere, which is that these agreements and declarations are made in order to bring Israeli aircraft and their anti-craft systems to the Gulf for the purpose of confronting the Iranian or Yemeni force in the field of drones. This is part of the Middle East Air Defense plan that is supposed to deal with Iranian missiles and aircraft.

The authorities' decisions would involve the country in battles which the people of Bahrain know nothing about, and which they do not accept getting involved in.

After the regime betrayed Palestine and its people, its role became that of the Trojan horse, turning the country into camps and military bases for the Israeli occupation forces, only for one aim; maintaining the ruling chair, obtaining the support of the Zionist lobby in the United States, and ensuring that this lobby stands as a wall with the regime in the face of any Western or other pressure that could improve Bahrain's political and human rights files. It is the policy of selling homelands and the people's interests for power. 

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