Al-Wefaq: Banning Thousands of Citizens from Visiting Holy Places is Sectarian, Odious Trend

2022-06-29 - 3:01 م

Bahrain Mirror: The Al-Wefaq National Islamic Society issued a statement commenting on the targeting of thousands of citizens through preventing them from traveling to holy places and shrines in a number of states. The society considered that this targeting reflects "the sectarian practices the official institutions have traditionally followed as a result of an official methodology that targets an essential component in Bahrain."

"During the past two days, the Bahraini regime has systematically targeted thousands of citizens, an essential component of the country, by preventing them from traveling to the holy shrines in Syria, Iraq and Iran, in an illegal, provocative and flagrant manner,"the statement read.

Al-Wefaq added "The authorities continue to escalate its sectarian behavior, whose practices have expanded to include all aspects of life at the educational, occupational, religious, and service levels,. and wherever this behavior can be exploited to restrict and revenge against those citizens -on a sectarian basis- legally, politically, security and economically speaking."

"The authorities' sectarian stick policy is the result of the absence of political and religious diversity, and the sectarian totalitarian rule."

Al-Wefaq noted that "This complicates the general political scene and topples over the social contract and constitutional consensus, which are the most important factors for a strong state, stability, coexistence and equality in rights and duties, which Bahrain currently completely lacks."

Hence, Al-Wefaq affirms -once again- Bahrain's need for good governance, which contributes to the strengthening and developing of authorities; to the establishment of a powerful parliament, capable of legislation, oversight and accountability; as well as an elected government that represents the people's will; an independent judiciary that does justice to all and maintain justice; and a national security system purely stemming from the Bahraini society.

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