Bahraini Ahmed Al-Khuzaie Becomes Member in Israeli Organization

2022-05-12 - 3:41 م

Bahrain Mirror: Information confirmed that Bahraini Ahmed Al-Khuzaie has joined an Israeli organization based in Tel-Aviv.

The Tel Aviv-based Gulf-Israel Center for Social Entrepreneurship, known as "Sharaka", announced Al-Khuzaie's membership, while his LinkedIn account confirmed joining the center as Director of U.S. Affairs.

The Israeli Center posted on Tuesday (May 10, 2022) a photo of a number of members, including Al-Khuzaie, which he said was taken during a workshop in Chicago, Illinois, on the "Israel Independence Day", which marks the anniversary of Nakba Day and the occupation of Palestine. 

Al-Khuzaie is active on twitter and is known for his critical positions against the opposition and the 2011 protests. He was welcomed by the authority and was a constant guest on Bahrain State television and local newspapers. 

Al-Khuzaie travels between the United States and Bahrain and says he holds a PhD from a Japanese university called Osaka, but people close to him say he has been previously involved in financial fraud cases, and his PhD is not real.

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