Detainee Transferred to Solitary Confinement for Demanding Treatment: Audio Recording

2022-04-28 - 7:06 م

Bahrain Mirror: In an audio recording from inside the prison, detainee Hussein Al-Sahlawi complained that he had been denied treatment, despite suffering from serious symptoms as a result of contracting Coronavirus last February. 

Al-Sahlawi said he suffers severe chest pain and shortness of breath as a result of Coronavirus, noting that one of the prison guards, named Qureshi, refused several times to take him to the prison clinic. 

He pointed out that the guard used to tell him that the doctor was not there. After his health deteriorated, he was transferred to the clinic, and the doctor informed him that he was there, but it was the policeman who refused to take him to the clinic.

After confronting the guard and telling him that he was lying and did not want to take me to the clinic, he threatened to beat me and transferred me to solitary confinement, despite suffering from severe shortness of breath and chest pain.

Al-Sahlawi stressed that he was unable to breathe there, which prompted the prison guards to transfer him to the Al-Qalaa Prison. 

Al-Sahlawi confirmed his need to see a specialist to check on him after indicating that he suffers from inflammation in the sinuses, trachea and chest, noting that this has not happened yet. 

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