Opposition Leader Hasan Mushaima Held in Solitary Confinement at Kanoo Health Center since 8 Months

2022-03-18 - 8:51 م

Bahrain Mirror: Ali Mushaima, son of detained leader Hasan Mushaima, revealed that his father has been in solitary confinement at the Kanoo Health Center for 8 months under the cover of "medical follow-ups," noting that he is being neglected and deprived of basic rights, some of which he was receiving in Jaw Central Prison.

He explained through his Twitter account (March 16, 2022) that the authorities' restrictions against his father have increased significantly since he refused parole last September, noting that he was denied contact with his family six months ago. 

Ali Mushaima added that his father still has several health problems without serious treatment, despite being transferred to Kanoo Health Center in July 2021.

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