Israeli Chief of General Staff Arrives in Bahrain as Vienna Negotiations Progress

2022-03-10 - 6:53 م

Bahrain Mirror:  Israeli Chief of General Staff, Aviv Kochavi, arrived in Bahrain on Wednesday (March 9, 2022).

The Israeli chief of staff's visit to Manama comes against the backdrop of progress in Vienna's negotiations with Iran, at a time Bahrain's ruling regime has chosen the country to be an advanced military platform for the occupation against Iran and a number of neighboring countries. 

The Israeli prime minister visited Bahrain in February. Meanwhile, a US official revealed that the US Navy is considering adding unmanned Israeli boats to its Middle East operations, a move that could deepen Israel's growing role in military arrangements in the region.

This was followed by a statement by Undersecretary of State Abdullah bin Ahmed Al Khalifa at the Munich conference, where he officially announced that the Israeli Mossad intelligence agency is active in Bahrain. This announcement was considered disastrous by the popular circles, considering that Mossad's presence turns "Bahrain into a platform for lack of security and stability and tension in the region."

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