Saudi Arabia and Bahrain: Criticizing us through Media is "Terrorism", Lebanese Inetrior Minister Promises Crackdown

2022-03-03 - 5:25 م

Bahrain Mirror: Lebanese Minister of Interior and Municipalities Basam Mawlawi, pledged in front of his Arab counterparts to crackdown on critics of the Gulf states, while Saudi King Salman bin Abdulaziz and Bahraini King Hamad bin Isa considered criticizing their policy through media outlets and seminars "terrorist acts".

During his participation in the 39th session of Arab Interior Ministers' Council in Tunisia, Mawlawi said that he promises to "follow up on what I started in terms of implementing the provisions of the Arab initiative with regard to my ministry by activating the fight against drug trafficking, and preventing verbal or actual exposure to the Arab Gulf states," adding that "Lebanon needs you today more than ever before."

In parallel, a joint statement of the King of Saudi Arabia and Bahrain, after King of Bahrain's recent visit to Riyadh, said that the two sides stressed "their keenness on the security, stability and unity of the Lebanese territory and the importance of comprehensive reforms to ensure that Lebanon overcomes its crises and restricts weapons to legitimate state institutions, and that Lebanon should not be a starting point for any terrorist acts and incubators for terrorist organizations and groups targeting the security and stability of the region, such as the terrorist Hezbollah, whether through the media, seminars, etc., and not also be a source of the scourge of drugs that threaten the safety of societies."

Since the crisis of former Minister George Kordahi which Saudi Arabia has created, Mawlawi has been asking security forces to pursue Gulf dissidents, at the request of the Gulf. He had also requested investigating two Yemeni satellite channels who are against war in Yemen, broadcasting from Beirut, following a request from the Aden government backed by Riyadh and Abu Dhabi. 

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