Father of Political Detainee Hasan Maki Dies, Calls Made for Allowing Him to Attend Burial Ceremony

2022-02-25 - 4:14 م

Bahrain Mirror: Haj Maki Hasan Maki, father of political detainee, Hasan Maki Hasan, from Saar, died today (Thursday, February 24, 2022), five months after the death of his wife (Hasan's mother).

Human rights activist Ibtisam Al-Saegh said Haj Maki Hasan had only seen his son one time for the past four years, during the funeral procession of his wife (Hasan's mother) in October 2021. 

She called for releasing Hasan Maki and allowing him to attend the burial ceremony of his father, noting that the burial ceremony was disrupted due to the delay of his temporary release.

Al-Saegh stressed it is necessary that the authorities do not use "precautionary measures" as a pretext, in order to prevent detainee Hasan Maki from bidding farewell to his father, adding that "it is not the right time for more restrictions".

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