Qatari Official Speaks on Reason for Delay of Returning Relations with Bahrain

2022-02-18 - 12:27 م

Bahrain Mirror: Qatari Foreign Affairs Minister Mohammed bin Abdulrahman Al-Thani attributed the delay in relations between his country and Bahrain to not working on mechanisms for solving the dispute, stressing at the same time that the matter is not as huge as it is being depicted.

He added during a seminar in Chatham House, in the British capital, London, that "relations between countries are different, but I think we are in a good condition, in comparison with the previous year," indicating that Qatar has good relations with Saudi Arabia and the Emirates.

In March, the Bahraini Foreign Ministry accused Qatar of violating the principles of the Gulf reconciliation agreement in the Al-Ula Saudi city, signed in early January 2021, because of a television program aired by Qatar's Al-Jazeera Channel, as well as what it described as ill-treatment by Qatari coast guards to Bahraini fishermen.

Saudi Arabia, the UAE, Bahrain and Egypt severed ties with Qatar on June 5, 2017, accusing it of supporting and financing terrorism and interfering in the affairs of other countries. The four countries followed the decision to sever ties with punitive measures against Doha, including closing the air and land borders and preventing them from using their ports, however, a reconciliation was then mediated by Kuwait, which culminated in the Al-Ula summit in Saudi Arabia.

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