Bahraini Clerics: We Stand with Oppressed Yemeni People, as We Stand with People of Palestine

2022-02-11 - 6:58 م

Bahrain Mirror: Bahrain's religious scholars said in a statement that the invasion of Zionists in the region threatens the security of all in various aspects.

A statement issued by the clerics highlighted that the overall security tensions in the region increased with the arrival of what they described as a destructive 'cancer cell' to Islamic states and communities.

"Awareness and concern over Islam and the homelands force us to stand united in the face of hegemonic projects," the statement said.

The scholars stressed that they stand with all the peoples who are resistant to tyranny, aggression and occupation. "We stand with the oppressed Yemeni people as we stand with the oppressed Palestinian people. The aggression and occupation are the same and the oppressed are the people as a whole with no difference."

The scholars further said that the unity of people and unity of our political forces is a necessity that no party can neglect.

"At the level of political groups, we stand with all our parties that resist injustice and government corruption, in the Gulf and in every Arab and Muslim country. In our dear Bahrain, we support our political forces to achieve together this great and conscientious goal, to be truly united on the path of truth," they added.

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