Bahrain to Give Israel Seaport Allowing it to Deploy Military forces in front of Iran (Hebrew Media)

2022-02-06 - 1:58 م

Bahrain Mirror: Hebrew media outlets revealed on Thursday (February 3, 2022) the real reason behind the Israeli Defence Minister's visit to Bahrain.

The Hebrew "Israel Defense" website said that one of the real reasons or goals for Gantz's visit to Bahrain is the allocation of a seaport in Bahrain to use it as a base for the Israeli navy against Iran with US partnership or mediation, and Bahraini approval.

It confirmed that David Ben-Gurion, Israel's first prime minister, had called for the transfer of the battle with the enemy to its territory, which means that the transfer of an Israeli navy force to Bahrain, near Iranian shores, is an old Israeli target.    

During his strategic visit to Bahrain, Gantz was accompanied by Navy Commander David Saar Salama, the Hebrew website said.

The Hebrew "Maariv" newspaper reported on Wednesday that Gantz's visit to Bahrain, the first of its kind, is a direct Israeli message to Iran that Tel Aviv is on its way to start security cooperation and coordination with a Gulf state.

The newspaper stressed that the arrival and welcoming of the Israeli Defense Minister in Manama is a direct message to Iran that Tel Aviv will sign a military and security agreement with Bahrain, as well as the blessing of other Gulf states for this step, especially with Saudi Arabia allowing the passage of Gantz aircraft in its air.

The Israeli Defense Minister Benny Gantz landed in Bahrain on Wednesday in its first of kind visit.

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