Ahmed Jaafar Sought Security, Received Masters Degree in Political Sciences...Bahrain Turns him Into Most Dangerous Man: Ibtisam Al-Saegh

2022-01-31 - 8:12 م

Bahrain Mirror: Human rights activist Ibtisam Al-Saegh said the family of detainee Ahmed Jaafar Mohammed, who was illegally extradited by Serbian authorities to Bahrain before the final verdict, demanded their right to visit him to reassure on him. However, this has not been achieved yet.

She said that the family received "only three short calls, one of which came from the criminal investigation building, and two from the Dry Dock Prison, isolation section, for one of his family members. His children are still deprived of hearing his voice even though the prison administration opened the door to visits after banning them for about two years due to Covid-19."

Ahmed is a victim of arbitrary detention, illegal investigation and physical torture. Human Rights Watch documented what he was subjected to in 2010 during his arrest. He was sentenced to one year in prison and released after the execution of his sentence at that time. The effects of torture remain on his body and in his memory.

After he was released "he sought safety and stability and was able to pursue his education and obtained a marketing diploma, but he became among the wanted in many cases after the popular movement in 2011."

Al-Saegh said that Jaafar "was in the position of a safety seeker outside the country and during his research he did not give in to despair, he kept himself busy with studying until he obtained a bachelor's degree and then a masters degree in political sciences." 

"Today Bahrain has turned him into the most dangerous terrorist and will execute the sentences issued against him in absentia, which are up to 85 years, noting that he has not been able to defend himself or appoint a lawyer to defend him," she said. Al-Saegh referred to the statement of the prosecution head, who described Jaafar as "one of the most dangerous elements".

Al-Saegh demanded his retrial and enabling him to enjoy all rights that guarantee justice and fairness.

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