2021 Panorama: Haj Mohammad Fathi, Eulogy Reciter Sayed Amir Al-Mousawi Die Abroad

2022-01-31 - 8:11 م

Bahrain Mirror (2021 Panorama): 2021 was a saddening and harsh year for the families of two Bahrainis, who were stripped of their citizenships and forcibly deported. Haj Mohammad Fathi and eulogy reciter Sayed Amir Al-Mousawi died abroad and far from their families. Who are they?

Haj Mohammad Fathi

Born in 1959, marine engineer Haj Mohammad Fathi, a Bahraini national who loved his homeland, was imprisoned and tortured more than once for opposing the regime and twice exiled from his homeland.

Fathi was arrested in the 1980s, and during his detention, he was tortured by the notorious State Security Apparatus before he was expelled along with a group of others.

Fathi spent about two decades in an enforced exile before he could return to Bahrain in February under a general pardon.

After returning to Bahrain, Haj Mohammad Fathi joined the Islamic Action Society (dissolved party) and Ahlul Bayt Society (dissolved party). He practiced religious and political activity.

He was tortured and illtreated in prison and was then acquitted of the charges brought against him, so he was released.

Fathi left Bahrain on a private vacation. He was abroad when he found out that his nationality was revoked (November 7, 2021) and decided not to return to Bahrain, fearing that he would be subjected to torture again.

During the crisis of the Bahrainis stranded in Iran after the Coronavirus outbreak (February and March 2020), Haj Fathi served the stranded Bahrainis and was known for his high morals.

Fathi has one boy, Yousif, a political prisoner in Jaw Central Prison. He wasn't able to see him for years.

Haj Fathi, 62, died on March 7, 2021, in the holy city of Mashhad, without being able to see his family or imprisoned son.

Sayed Amir Al-Mousawi

Sayed Amir Al-Mousawi was born in 1962. His family descends from Sayed Hashem Al-Tublani, a well-known religious scholar who died in 1695 and is buried in the Bahraini village of Tubli.

His family has been harassed since the 1980s, when two of his brothers and elderly father were arrested.

Sayed Amir is known by Bahrainis for his beautiful voice during Husseini religious processions, and he has many famous laments in the Arabic and Persian languages. He had an important role in building and developing obsequies.

Sayed Amir Al-Mousawi played a role in helping Ajams, who were alienated by the security blow during the 1980s, overcome their fear and resume their religious work. He is one of the most prominent Ajam figures who have crossed the ethnic barrier and differences of identity and built bridges with Bahrainis. He attracted many people to religious culture.

The authorities revoked his citizenship, along with two of his brothers and sister-in-law on November 6, 2012 over charges of "harming public peace", despite having no political activity.

He was forcibly deported along with his family on February 1, 2018 under pretext of violating the law of immigration and residency. He resided in the Iranian city of Mashhad.

He died on December 14, 2021 at 59 years of age due to kidney failure.

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