Public Prosecution Says Ahmed Jaafar Held in Prison to Serve Verdicts against Him

2022-01-30 - 7:48 م

Bahrain Mirror: The Public Prosecution confirmed that citizen (Ahmed Jaafar) who has been recently extradited from Serbia has been imprisoned to serve his sentences, which are 4 life terms and 10 years in jail, in addition to the fines.

Jaafar's extradition to Bahrain is part of a series of targeting opposition abroad, which authorities continue to target its individuals, despite their refuge abroad in search of safety.

The chief of public prosecution said that the convict who is sentenced in terrorism cases and who has been recently extradited to the Bahraini authorities was held in the Reform and Rehabilitation Center to serve the verdicts issued against him, which are 4 life term sentences, 10-year jail term in addition to fines. He was also able to appeal these verdicts as permitted by law.

Human Rights Watch condemned in a statement that Serbia extradited a Bahraini political dissident to Bahrain, despite an order by the European Court of Human Rights that specifically prohibited his extradition pending more information.

Bahraini authorities had previously subjected the dissident, Ahmed Jafar Muhammad, 48, to torture and ill-treatment.

"Interpol and Serbian authorities have put a man who fled torture and life in a Bahraini prison and sought refuge in Europe at grave risk," said Joe Stork, deputy Middle East director at Human Rights Watch. "It is terrifying and inexcusable that Serbia and Interpol collaborated to return a dissident to face life in prison despite the European Court of Human Rights order halting his extradition."   

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