Serbia Hands Ahmed Jaafar over to Bahrain

2022-01-24 - 9:50 م

Bahrain Mirror: The Serbian authorities have handed over a Bahraini dissident wanted by the Manama authorities, Ahmed Jaafar, from Al-Daih, despite a decision by the European Court of Human Rights to suspend his extradition.

The Belgrade Centre for Human Rights expressed concern that the security wanted Bahraini would be subjected to torture in Bahrain, especially since he is a previous torture victim.

The Bahraini court sentenced in absentia Ahmed Jafaar to life imprisonment in the case of Al-Daih bombing, over which martyrs Abbas Al-Samie, Sami Mushaima and Ali Al-Singace were sentenced to death.

The Serbian President Aleksandar Vučić visited Bahrain last year as the first Serbian president to visit the country and met with UAE President Mohammed Zayed.

The European Court of Human Rights had decided to postpone the extradition until February 25, 2022, but the Serbian authorities extradited the Bahraini national.

According to the Belgrade Centre, the European Court of Human Rights has asked Serbian officials to "take into account the possibility of torture and other inhuman treatment and whether he was allowed to apply for asylum by February 11". However, the Belgrade Higher and Appeals Courts and the Justice Minister were of the opinion that all the requirements for the man's extradition were fulfilled. 

The Belgrade Centre for Human Rights described Serbia's move as "violating not only the decision of the Strasbourg court, but a number of international and domestic regulations obligating it to respect and protect human rights as well."

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