Muhammad bin Nayef Tortured in Saudi Prisons, Suspended Upside Down by His Ankles: The New York Times

2022-01-11 - 2:47 م

Bahrain Mirror: The New York Times, quoting informed sources, revealed the condition of Prince Muhammad bin Nayef, the former Saudi crown prince, who is being held under the supervision of the authorities, noting that he "suffers from permanent damage to his legs after being tortured in his solitary confinement."

The newspaper said that at the start of his detention, Mohammed bin Nayef was held in solitary confinement and suspended upside down by his ankles. Last fall, he was moved to a villa inside the complex surrounding the king's Al-Yamamah Palace in Riyadh.

Mohammed bin Nayef is kept by himself with no television or other electronic devices and receives only limited visits from his family. He appears to have sustained lasting damage to his ankles from his treatment in detention and cannot walk without a cane.

The government has not filed formal charges against him or explained why he is detained.

Some detainees have been released, but many continue to be barred from traveling abroad, apparently because the government fears they could discuss their cases with foreign journalists or representatives of other governments.

A number of prominent people, including son of the previous monarch, King Abdullah, remain in detention, according to the newspaper.

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