BPA Condemns Bahrain Gov't Targeting of Dissidents and Pursuing them Abroad

2021-12-19 - 3:46 م

Bahrain Mirror: Bahrain Press Association (BPA) condemned the Bahraini government targeting of political dissidents and human rights defenders and the ongoing pursuing policies and their extension outside the country.

The BPA said on Tuesday (December 14, 2021) "the government sending of a letter of protest to Lebanon after hosting a press conference held by Al-Wefaq, during which it launched "An Epidemic of Violations" report is a continuation to its futile and useless policies."

The association saw that "the Bahraini government's exploitation of the recent Lebanese-Gulf crisis to put pressure on the Lebanese side is a miserable step within the repression policies used by the state to confiscate the opposing political and human rights opinion, and attack opponents even those who left the country to avoid political retaliation."

The BPA condemned the government's "exclusionary approach it adopts with its opponents and their exposure to moral harm despite their presence outside its territory."

Bahrain Press Association called on the government to allow a wider space for freedoms, and stressed "its constant dedication to defending the right of activists and journalists to express their views without fear of any punishment or threats."

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