Mohammed bin Salman's Visit to Bahrain: $5 Billion Saudi Investment in Development Projects, 65 Initiatives Underway

2021-12-10 - 10:05 م

Bahrain Mirror: The Saudi-Bahraini Coordination Council was convened on Thursday (December 9, 2021) during the visit of Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman Al Saudi to Bahrain.

King Hamad bin Isa Al Khalifa received Mohammed bin Salman. The Crown Prince and Prime Minister Salman bin Hamad Al Khalifa represented the Bahraini side in the coordination meeting in the presence of a number of ministers.

According to the official statement issued after the coordination council meeting, Bahrain welcomed the USD 5 billion investment in development projects across the Kingdom by the Saudi authorities and funds.

Several major investment projects in the Kingdom of Bahrain were discussed.

The Council headed by the crown princes assigned the relevant ministers from both parties to coordinate and complete detailed technical studies throughout 2022 in preparation for final decisions to be made by the Council.

The Saudi-Bahraini Coordination Council urged the committee supervising the King Hamad Causeway and railway network projects between the two kingdoms to complete economic and financial feasibility studies within a month, to move to the second phase of the projects.

Crown Prince Salman bin Hamad and Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman agreed to hold the third Saudi-Bahraini Coordination Council meeting in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, at a date to be determined by both the Council's General Secretariat and through diplomatic channels.

The Council reviewed 65 initiatives within the workstreams of the five sub-Committees.

The Political Coordination sub-Committee is responsible for 7 initiatives, namely:

  • To support candidates of the two kingdoms when participating in international organisations and bodies

  • To combat and eliminate extremist ideology amongst young people

  • Expand upon coordination between the two countries' delegations in New York and Geneva

  • To implement joint courses for young diplomats

The Security Coordination sub-Committee is responsible for 10 initiatives, including:

  • Cyber security cooperation

  • Facilitating transit and visa procedures

  • Direct networking/peering

The Coordination sub-Committees in the areas of the economy, energy, trade, and industry hold responsibility for 11 initiatives, mainly:

  • Facilitating financial market trading

  • Standardisation cooperation

  • Conformity assessment of biodegradable plastic products

  • Intellectual property partnership

  • Enhancing intra-trade relations

The Coordination sub-Committees in the areas of culture, media, tourism, and social development included 27 initiatives, most notably:

  • Registration of joint files with (UNESCO)

  • Cooperation in the field of culture and antiquities

  • Media regulation

  • Adoption of digital health passports

  • Implementation of joint tourism programs and investment initiatives

  • Establishment of the Saudi-Bahraini Youth Council

Meanwhile, the Coordination sub-Committees for investment, the environment, and infrastructure is responsible for 10 initiatives, including:

  • Qualification of developers for the King Hamad Causeway and the railway project

  • The water link between the two countries

  • Joint investment in projects

  • Waste recycling and utilization

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